Toukiden 2 Walkthrough Guide

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For those who want a more detailed and informative Toukiden 2 walkthrough guide, this article will give you the most useful tips and strategies to get started with the game. First of all, it is important to note that Toukiden 2 has a vast network of biomes, making it easier to find items and complete objectives. You can also complete side quests as you progress through the game. Toukiden 2 also features the infamous Bladetail components, which can be found at different spawn points throughout the world.

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Toukiden 2 also features eleven weapons that allow you to switch up your play style. These weapons range from a well-rounded Sword to dual Knives. You can also use a bow or rifle, depending on your preference. Each of these weapons has a different function, so make sure you learn how to use them before using them against your enemies. In addition, each weapon has its own unique set of skills, and mastering them will give you an advantage over other players.

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The Demon Hand is one of the most interesting additions in Toukiden 2. It is similar to the glowing wrist thing called Thorn in Freedom Wars, but has a different function. Instead of latching onto enemies, it allows you to move up in the air and quickly get into striking position. In addition to this, it can cut off an Oni’s body parts in a single hit, which is great for exploration.

The companion AI in Toukiden 2 is excellent, and you can give them basic directions. The companions are incredibly useful assistants, and are particularly useful when battling a giant Oni. They also heal your team and use their own abilities to fight the beasts. These assistants are indispensable in Toukiden 2.

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