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Introducing the arcade shooter - Wrack! Combo your way to victory in this addictive single-player adventure. Slaughter countless enemies as you build up long kill chains, and wipe them out with powerful chain finishers. Plus, with Steam Workshop and extras like Time Attack, the action never has to end!Key FeaturesCombos and Chains - Be a badass! Take monsters down by the dozen, and rack up addictive fighting game-style kill chains and kill combos!

Finishers - Use your kill chains to unleash devastating chain finishers! Use them to wipe out groups of enemies, take down powerful enemies... or even bosses!


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Walkthrough Name of Area Q: Quests available I: Items of Note S: Skills and spells available (If a character's name is provided, then he/ she is a trainer and will train a skill for gold) O: Opinions available (talking to these characters will influence your rebel/ shaper standing), or quests which change the opinion of rebels/shapers towards you.


100% Walkthrough Wrack DecimalPunkt; 8 videos; 1,143 views; Last updated on Jun 4, 2015; Fast paced Action Shooter with the awesome cartoony style artwork graphic design similar to that of ...

Boss Fight Walkthrough for Wrack. It is a First Person Shooter that plays like classic game (Doom,Wolf3d, etc) and is available on PC through Steam. This video is a guide and showcase of the ...

XIII Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Brighton Beach & FBI HQ ... Wrack - PC Gameplay (Steam Early Access) ... Wrack Gameplay (PC HD) Just post a comment if you want the download link. ...

Steam Version : Level 08 - Das Wrack der Maria Doria - Wreck of the Maria Doria Secrets: 3 von 3.

Brand new awesome Let's Play of Wrack! Fun fast paced shoot-em-up with cartoony graphics! Commentary by Mike Jarman A.K.A. Smallshank Buy this awesome game d...

Обзор на игру Wrack и старт прохождения! The arcade-style FPS returns! Play as Kain Sager - the one man prepared for a crisis in a utopian future.

Wrack is an arcade-style first-person shooter that pits you, Kain Sager, against the invading Arcturan empire! Battle your way through hordes of monsters at blistering speeds as you single ...

Heavy Base Defense of the US Marines in Vietnam ! FPS Game Call of Duty Black Ops - Duration: 12:28. Best War Games Channel Recommended for you

Endlich: Das Modul, welches in an Bord der Aurora gefunden habe, erlaubt es mir tiefer zu tauchen. Ich bau es natürlich in dieser Episode auch gleich mal ein. Auf dem Weg heim, mache ich dann ...





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