Yoku’s Island Express Review

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A novel Metroidvania-pinball hybrid, Yoku’s Island Express successfully blends two clashing genres with beautiful island aesthetics. The game features satisfying bumpers and flippers, and a wide, varied island to explore. While repeating completed areas can quickly become tiresome, Yoku’s positive outlook is a welcome change from the usual dark and depressing Metroidvania games.

The gameplay involves jumping and bouncing the ball to avoid obstacles. In order to do this, you use flippers and paddles, similar to Mario’s floaty platformer. Yoku can also use his ball to double as a pinball, letting him bounce off of various obstacles. The game is quite challenging and addictive, and will have players begging for more. It is a must-buy for any Yoku fan.

Yoku’s Island Express has a unique shortcut system that is both convenient and entertaining, but it can be difficult to figure out which way to go in some areas. The game can also draw you into long pinball sections, leaving you wondering if you’re wasting your time. The collectible traversal mechanisms in Yoku’s Island Express are charming, but the manual swing system and explosive retrieval system could use some fine-tuning.

The game features a beetle named Yoku, which travels around an island and explores caves, while fighting fantastical creatures. The battles are illustrated in a pinball-machine-style layout where the player bounces Yoku at enemies. Enemies scream and splash, and a boss erupts yellow splashes when hit. In addition to the battles, Yoku rolls dung in one scene, while another shows a brown «poo coil» full of flies.

Yoku’s Island Express is a pinball game that requires skill to play well. The game’s mechanics are solid, and the premise of pinball makes it a worthwhile distraction. In addition, players will appreciate the game’s unique twists and turns. Yoku’s Island Express is a great choice for those who enjoy pinball games and want to try a new title. If you’re not sure whether or not to buy Yoku’s Island Express, start playing it today! You’ll be surprised how much fun it is.

Yoku’s Island Express is an excellent Metroidvania with some of the best pinball mechanics on the market. Although it doesn’t boast the greatest Metroidvania experience on the market, it’s definitely the best Pinball Metroidvania on the PlayStation Vita until Yoku’s Island Express 2 hits the market. It has several flaws, but overall, it is a wonderful game with an excellent fantasy world.

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